--Terms And Conditions Of Purchase--

By purchasing any photo(s) from ImageHoard.org you agree to the following terms and conditions:

-You will gain shared commercial rights and ownership to the photo(s) selected and paid for.

-All purchases are delivered securely via email and are available for 3 days to be retrieved as digital downloads it is then the buyers responsibility to safe care their data as downloads will no longer be available after this time.

-Returns and refunds are not accepted due to the nature of the items being sold.

-The customer is responsible for the protection of it's own data and will need to purchase again if lost or required again at a future point in time.

-ImageHoard.org will still own copyright and commercial properties to all it's data distributed and can continue to keep copies for merchandizing and display.

-By purchasing you are gaining commercial rights of the photos, however you agree not to sell the photos on for commercial/personal use by others and are for buyers work/contracted clients/personal use only.

ImageHoard.org takes no responsibility for the contents of photos or use after purchase is made of its photos, for example if acts of malicious photo shopping and or editing, negative political influence, phishing, miss leading and or fictitious WebPages ect...

ImageHoard.org holds the right to remove images as it pleases and change any of it's contents or terms and conditions as seen necessary.

ImageHoard uses third party payment systems paired with Paypal.com to keep you the buyers transaction and details safe and secure from others. ImageHoard does not store or hold any payment details other than the records of sale invoices which are stored on an encryted server indepentent of the domain host provider.

Last T&C Update 16/08/2016